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Data Mining/Viz/Analytics Specialist - Masters in Strategic Analytics from Brandeis University. Interest Areas: Medical Analytics, NLP, all things Deep Learning

An exploration of predictive model deployment through the lens of Major Tom’s space walk

Model Deployment: Another Module or a new Space Station?

First, Did David Bowie hide the secret to successful model deployment in the lyrics to his worldwide hit “Space Oddity”? He very well may have. CRISP-DM is comprised of six stages, the last of which is model deployment. …

The Silent Wave of Innovation, Scrum, and Agility in Data Warehousing

Graham Waters

The Silent Wave

Agility has become a buzzword in the data science and analytics community as the demand for flexible storage solutions and the increased data retrieval speed continue to climb in tandem. Historically speaking, when these types of discoveries are made, it has induced dramatic and, at times, traumatic change…

Functional excellence through dedication to cybersecurity

When it comes to defending your most valuable assets, there is no such thing as going too far. People may argue that there is a line where the expense incurred has no measurable ROI, and to a certain extent, this is true. Everything is limited by capital investment; however, there…

Why does the prevalence of information reduce the attention of the knowledge worker? How can an analytics strategy overcome this phenomenon?

Graham Waters

When I worked as a Realtor,

I would often find myself charting out my cold calls and keeping needless statistics that, in retrospect, held little or no future value. This seemed like a

Reduced to Digital Nostalgia, we fight to remember our childhoods through the motif of a Lofi remix of our “class of 20 — ” biggest hits.


Photo by Sai Harish on Unsplash

What about Lofi draws us in? The digital nostalgia? Memories we wish we had? How can it help us at work?

It was 2 AM in Tokyo, and the skyline over Austin, Texas, was glimmering with noonday sun. …

Medium Title Analysis Cleaning up Loose Ends

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

In the previous article of this series we defined unified_dict() which had df = pd.read_csv(“medium_data.csv”) inside the second of two nested for loops. I assumed that moving it outside the outer for loop would reduce the memory usage. This assumption was actually not…

Using measures of interaction as a metric for 50 days

Welcome to day five.

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

Yesterday we found that the following made df_analysis accessible and interconnected with the right place in our data.

flat_list_title = [v[‘article_title_stats’] for k,v in df_analysis.items()] # v is still a dict of the values within article_title_stats — → tourdownunder on discord helped hereflat_list_subtitle = [v[‘article_subtitle_stats’]…

Medium Title Analysis with TextBlob and Python3

Welcome to day four of fifty. If you missed the preceding days I suggest you go back and start from day 0, if not welcome back.

df_analysis[2][‘article_interaction_data’][‘claps’] → prints 767 in the output panel. this is referencing the number of claps for the second article in the dictionary df_analysis.


Graham Waters

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