Data Mining/Viz/Analytics Specialist - Masters in Strategic Analytics from Brandeis University. Interest Areas: Medical Analytics, NLP, all things Deep Learning

The Silent Wave of Innovation, Scrum, and Agility in Data Warehousing

Graham Waters

The Silent Wave

Agility has become a buzzword in the data science and analytics community as the demand for flexible storage solutions and the increased data retrieval speed continue to climb in tandem. Historically speaking, when these types of discoveries are made, it has induced dramatic and, at times, traumatic change…

Compiled from GitHub

1. Basic Python Topics:

a. Summary: Jdanielcl’s python_basic_topics repo. Exceptions, formatting, tuples, lists, sets, dictionaries, generators, loops_keywords, string chains functions.

Photo by Stanley Dai on Unsplash

2. Top Algorithms for Python:

a. Summary: A brief collection of Python algorithms most often used by practitioners.

Graham Waters

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