Applying Proven Analytical Tools to Mitigate Consumer Mobility and Negative Sentiment online.

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The Silent Wave of Innovation, Scrum, and Agility in Data Warehousing

The Silent Wave

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Functional excellence through dedication to cybersecurity

Why does the prevalence of information reduce the attention of the knowledge worker? How can an analytics strategy overcome this phenomenon?

Why should social media be considered an important piece of a marketing strategy?

Can you guess them?

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Wearable Tech

Find My Friends

If you experience data silos at work please click this article!

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Chess Theory applied to Enhanced Offensive Cybersecurity Against Ransomware Attacks (Part 1)

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A Study in Black and White: Cyber-Chess (Part 1)

Through RFID and wearables

Graham Waters

Strategic Analytics Master’s Student at Brandeis University with sales experience in both the automotive industry and Real Estate.

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