The Silent Wave of Innovation, Scrum, and Agility in Data Warehousing

Graham Waters

The Silent Wave

Agility has become a buzzword in the data science and analytics community as the demand for flexible storage solutions and the increased data retrieval speed continue to climb in tandem. Historically speaking, when these types of discoveries are made, it has induced dramatic and, at times, traumatic change. Something as simple as discovering a valuable piece of metal, a new technology, or a novel tool has been the impetus of mass migrations, gold rushes, industrial revolutions, and wars. In the twenty-first century, agility is vital.

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Though the streets remain relatively calm, the skies are void of black factory…

Functional excellence through dedication to cybersecurity

When it comes to defending your most valuable assets, there is no such thing as going too far. People may argue that there is a line where the expense incurred has no measurable ROI, and to a certain extent, this is true. Everything is limited by capital investment; however, there are established methods of minimizing cost and maximizing results. Figure 1 shows a preview of what this post will cover.

Figure 1. Cirrus Word Cloud of This Discussion Post (Waters, 2020).

Why does the prevalence of information reduce the attention of the knowledge worker? How can an analytics strategy overcome this phenomenon?

Graham Waters

When I worked as a Realtor,

I would often find myself charting out my cold calls and keeping needless statistics that, in retrospect, held little or no future value. This seemed like a

Why should social media be considered an important piece of a marketing strategy?

This is an essential question for companies to ask in the year 2020. What reasons exist today that have motivated the modern marketers’ push to tap into this online town-square, and do the challenges encountered along the way make the opportunities worth the risk? The answer may not be as simple as a list of tips, and there is one preliminary question that needs to be answered: what is marketing without social media? If your company’s marketing department is excluding social media from your marketing strategy in our current moment, then your company will fall behind competitors within the next…

Nissan’s Strategy and Other Potential Predictive Analytics Applications in the next 5 years.

Graham Waters

Always in Motion is the Future

Suppose we had used predictive algorithms to scan legacy medical data and patterns of historical epidemic outbreak frequency back in 2019. In that circumstance, our country might have been able to preempt the recent global pandemic with preventative measures and saved thousands of lives.

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This statement may seem grandiose and overly ambitious to some. Yet I feel confident that others may actually like, if not agree with it. …

An exploration of predictive model deployment through the lens of Major Tom’s space walk

Model Deployment: Another Module or a new Space Station?

First, Did David Bowie hide the secret to successful model deployment in the lyrics to his worldwide hit “Space Oddity”? He very well may have. CRISP-DM is comprised of six stages, the last of which is model deployment. This is common knowledge to many data scientists that work with CRISP-DM in mind every day, and yet even experienced datanauts may benefit from an exploration of this process.

By the way if you haven’t heard this remix of the song it goes well in the background while you read the article… give it a try

What exactly does it mean…

A Love Story ( ͠♥ ͜ʖ ͡♥) or a tale of Two Cities?

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I would like to tell you the story of two technological entities that fell in love. It happened like many good love stories do, a long time ago; back when analytics was a nascent field, and much of the data was unstructured and analog. The text and free-form data were largely unable to be captured and were thus unknowable in a digital sense, rendering only marginal insights. Now, with the marriage of faster computers, better OCR scanning technologies, more intelligent artificial intelligence algorithms, and higher demand for improvement at the organizational level text analytics, and text mining are finally joining…

A word cloud generator using Doyle’s Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the Gutenberg Library, and R

If you like to imagine Sherlock Holmes smoking his pipe and lounging in an easy chair while fighting crime in his mind from afar then you may want to generate a word cloud in R. These two things are absolutely related. Undeniably.

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Here’s the R code for a recent project I completed.

R Code

library(“gutenbergr”)# (Gutenberg_download, n.d.).

26 Expert Marketing strategies for Marketing to all Millennials

Marketing to Millennials

Without a doubt, millennial marketing is the single most crucial aspect of an effective marketing plan in 2020. But what exactly makes marketing to millennials so critical for modern businesses? If you are looking for qualitative market research information then check out my other article on this. Note: If you’re in a hurry then you can skip the section on 26 marketing strategies. This is a long list and they are fantastic material that I have found to be transformative in my growth. Millennials are the biggest group of consumers on the planet today and also the most connected. They…

You won’t even try to stop. Analyzers, Linters, and Code Quality Checkers that quite simply… are the bomb

Static Analysis, Linters and Code Quality Checkers

This list of python toys is just the tip of an iceberg of fun waiting to be had in the world of object oriented coding. The majority of the amazing tools below are originally noted by (Chen, Vinta/Awesome-Python, 2021). I am glad to share them with you. Here it goes.

Graham Waters

Strategic Analytics Master’s Student at Brandeis University with sales experience in both the automotive industry and Real Estate.

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